PCR CPET Trays Enhance the Appearance of Your Frozen Foods

PCR CPET Trays Enhance the Appearance of Your Frozen Foods

PCR CPET trays are an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your frozen foods. They are highly resistant to oxygen, nitrogen and water, as well as being able to withstand high temperatures. These trays are suitable for a wide range of uses, from light weighting, to denesting and sealing. You can even add optional PCR to these trays, to ensure that your frozen food is protected from bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms.

One of the most interesting aspects of CPET trays is that they are manufactured from recycled plastics. This means that they are able to offer many of the same benefits as newer plastics, while also promoting environmental sustainability.

One of the best uses for PCR CPET trays is in ensuring the integrity of your ready meal products. The solution's high barrier properties also ensure that your products remain fresher for longer. In fact, a CPET solution has been shown to extend the shelf life of ready-meal products by up to two years. CPET is also able to hold up to 15% of its weight in PCR, meaning that you can use a lot less plastic for your packaging.

The most effective CPET trays also offer excellent sealing properties, meaning that your ready meals are protected from the elements. In addition, CPET trays are dual ovenable, meaning that you can microwave your food in conventional ovens. While these are the features that make CPET trays a viable option, the best CPET trays also feature other benefits, such as the ability to retain their shape at high temperatures. Another important feature is their dimensional stability.

CPET trays are also a good choice for food service operators looking to implement a circular economy, especially those in the food processing industry. They are able to help reduce waste because of their light weighting properties and their inherent oxygen and nitrogen barriers. In addition, their embossing and other features make them attractive to customers. CPET also offers a variety of standard shapes, so it's easy to find a tray that suits your specific needs. In addition to their high barrier and other features, these trays are also able to offer a variety of lidding options, meaning that you can find the right tray for your needs.

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